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     Make your house a home by adding the heart-beat of a quality wall clock or mantel clock to your home decor. Wall clocks are wonderful gifts for any occasion. Add personality, dignity and charm to your home, office or shop.

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Ithaca Wall Clock

Ithaca Wall Clock

Retail Price: $1005.00

Our Price: $599.



Carriage Mantel Clock


Mantel Clocks

Retail Price: $233.00

Our Price:  $163. 



Quartz Wall Clock 

Regular Price: $261.00

Our Price: $183.00

Rock Clock


Primitive Black Forest Wall Clock, Rock Clock

Regular Price: $750.00

Our Price: $525.

High Quality Hermle Wall Clock, Natural Finish


 Regulator Wall Clock, Westminster Chime

Regular Price: $1,625.00

Our Price: $975.

Aachean Wall Clock


Aachen Wall Clock

Regular Price: $243.00

Our Price: $170.

Birdcage cuckoo clock


Birdcage Wall, Cuckoo Clock

Regular Price: $3,630.00

Our Price: $2,178.00

Traditional Hunting Cuckoo Clock 


Wall Clock, Hunter's Cuckoo Clock

Regular Price: $713.00

Our Price: $499.00


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